About the artist

I first learned painting at a young age from my grandmother. Studying under Idelle Weber at Harvard, I shifted into abstraction and have focused on this for the past 15 years. My interest ranges from gestural expressionisim to minimal single-hue canvases to my current focus on horizon lines and rectangular forms. I have lived and worked in Tokyo, Hong Kong and London. After I spent over two years in Japan, studying calligraphy, I moved to Hong Kong. This vertical city inspired my Two Buildings series, work that continues to influence me. I relocated to London and began making small sculptural paintings, still using the horizontal or horizon line anchor for many of the pieces.

Among other things, my work has been influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Japan's Mono-Ha movement. Because of my travel and interest in varied environments, cultures and interpretive traditions, the question of perspective and how we see/observe tends to motivate my art making. I like to play with representing space or multiple dimensions and perspective points on the two dimensions of canvas. Fluidity in the paintings is movement through physical space and psychological space. Sometimes this is communicated through the actual workings of the paint (drips and eroded layers), sometimes it is explicitly rendered (rippled water).

selected exhibitions

2005 Hudson, NY 10th CCCA Juried Show juried by Joyce Nereaux

2004 New York TheXpo group exhibitions

1999 Hong Kong Devon House solo exhibition

1998 Hong Kong ARTspace solo exhibition

1997 Hong Kong Galerie Martini Salon d'Hiver group exhibition

1996 Hong Kong Sandra Walters Fine Arts solo exhibition

1996 Hong Kong LKF the Gallery Human Fundamentals solo exhibition

1996 Hong Kong LKF the Gallery Three local artists group exhibition

1995 Hong Kong Fringe Gallery Structured Selves solo exhibition

1994 New York, NY Loft #4 Forces at Work solo exhibition

1994 - Las Chicas Gallery Works Nihon solo exhibition

1993 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Museum Foreign artists in Japann group exhibition

selected press notes

1998 CNN. “Artclub” feature on Hong Kong .

1997 Eve. "Georgia Bush: Life's Canvas" Dawn Goldsmith.

1996 NBC. “Asia 2000” Television profile and documentary on art and painters in Hong Kong .

1996 Asian Wall Street Journal. "Hong Kong Streets Are Mean Streets"

1996 CNBC. “Winners” Segment on investing in Art.

1995 full page reviews in the South China Morning Post and Hongkong Standard.


Art correspondent for The Economist Magazine

Art teacher at Hong Kong University.

International liaison for Japan Creators' Association.

Teaching fellow at what was then called the Art Institute of Southern California, located in Laguna Beach.

Painting student of Idelle Weber at Harvard University.

Citizen of the US and the UK. Lived in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong. Now living in New York.


For works on paper: from US$100 to US$800, for paintings: from US$200 to US$7,000. If you are interested in a specific piece you have seen on the website or elsewhere, or if you are contemplating a commision, please send an email to georgiabush@hotmail.com with 'Art' in the subject. Thank you for your eyes.

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